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Canine Welfare Fund Rasiser 

Pampered Pets is a small, family run business. We also run the Canine Rescue Centre that does a lot of charity work for dogs needing a home or medical attention. Over the years we have funded this from a variety of sources, mainly our own money and the goodwill of our friends and customers. We could never destroy a dog that is unwanted, so we keep all the strays that come through our doors until they find a home.... however long that takes. Can you please help us to keep helping the dogs that need it.


We usually have about 20 dogs that need a home at any time. Some get lucky and find a new family quickly, a few stay for months, even years and we are overstretched and under-funded. When we take in strays it is not unusual for them to be in a very sad state. Some have been beaten, others covered in parasites or just kept in filthy conditions. We need your help to pay for getting our dogs back to health, past their fears and ready for rehoming. Our typical costs include washing, grooming, de-worming, frontline, medical operations, vaccinations, dental work, kennel costs (heating, food, staff costs), dog-walkers and many others. We estimate that our charity work costs on average of about £ 400 per dog per year. We want to continue to find nice dogs loving homes.



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