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Our Hotel


Pampered Pets Hotel is set in the midst of beautiful countryside, with long walks available. We walk all the dogs along the designated bridle paths at least twice a day, with plenty of playtime throughout the day in our gardens.


All kennels have their own covered runs which are light and airy which the dogs have access to throughout the day.

We offer 10 boarding kennels, some big enough for 2-3 dogs from the same home to share.

The Kennels are also fully heated, and plastic, raised beds are provided as well as bedding for your pet.

If your pet is more comfortable, they can always stay in our house, we have 5 places for smaller dogs to stay in our home with us.

Dogs staying in the house must be neutered (unless to young) and be able to get along with others.



We feed to the routine of your pet's home requirements, and all types of diet can be catered for.

We are happy to provide a dry and/or dry and tinned food mixture for your pet or owners can bring their own food with them.


Giving medication to your dog is not a problem, we will also happily welcome dogs to stay with various medical conditions such as Epilepsy or Diabetes Etc.


 We have a Veterinary service on 24 hour stand by, should your pet need medical assistance while staying with us.


We offer a grooming service here at Pampered Pets.

We have a daily intake of dogs with a drop off time of 11am and then your pet will be ready for collection between 1 - 2 pm

This service is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We can do anything from a full bath and clip for your dog to just a bath and tidy up.

All services include Ears, nails and anal glands included as standard.

For availability and prices please call us on 01728 747760

(please see our 'Grooming' page)

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Any size welcome!

Dinner time


quite time!

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Play time!

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