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.Telephone - 01728 747760

Email -

Fax - 01728 748422


*** Please note****


For boarding inquires please feel free to call or email us, but all booking confirmation's must be done via the telphone.


Our office hours


Monday - Friday between 9am and 5pm


Saturday - 9am - 3pm


Sunday - Closed unless its an emergency


Please call between the above hours for boarding inquires and bookings.

Thank you


unless you wish to speak to somone about the out of hours stray dog procedure then this is a 24 hour on call service.


Canine Welfare Rescue Centre

Telephone - 07823772994

Email -



For all inquires please feel free to call any day between 9am and 3om.


Or send us an email.



Visiting Hours:



(drop-off & collection):


Monday to Friday:    9am to 11am

(closed from 11am to 2.30 pm)

Reopen at 2.30pm to 5pm

Saturday:               9am to 11am

( Closed from 11am to 1pm )

Reopen at 1pm to 3pm

Sunday:                 11am to 2pm


Kennel Viewing

By apointment only

Canine Welfare rehoming

By apointment only



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