Dogs we have rehomed

Bongo - Rehomed 1/2015

Albert - Rehomed 2014

Cazzy - Rehomed 2014

Arthur - Rehomed 2014

Riley - Rehomed 2014

Bertie - Rehomed 2014

Jack - Rehomed 2014

A happy new beginning for Jack!

Rocky - Rehomed 2014

Rocky is having a great time with his new family!

Patch was rehomed 5 Aug 2012

We recieved an email from patch the very next day saying how he had already completly settled in!Patch had been with us for quiet a while and sadly he hated kennels he would fling himself about and he lost alot of weight. Then finally one day Mr and Mrs Arkle and their family came along and took a chance on this wonderful boy. And they have only had great things to report.As i told Patch everyday 'Good things come to those who wait!'

Digby was rehomed - 17 July 2012

Digby has settled in well to his new life with his owner Rosemary and from what she tells me he is keeping her very busy!!

Olly was rehomed - 16 Sept 2011

Above is a picture of him a few months after he was rehomed.From Kev Olly's new owner showing that he is a great example of the breed!!He really is a wonderful pooch, I know its given that a dog takes after its owner (or is that the other way around?), he's a really easy going fella..not so keen on travelling too far, not ill..just a bit stressed but he enjoys himself when he arrives. He gets on very well with other dogs and people..took him to the recent dog show, up the Norfolk Showground and he did me proud. Very friendly to all n sundry, if another growls or takes a snap at him..they get a dirty look and he walks away, no matter how big the dog! Of course he is still a very boisterous puppy of a dog so I keep tabs on him..but he is the embodiment of how misunderstood staffies are, he was much better behaved than my mates 7yr old yellow lab, who we went with hahah.

Alfie was rehomed in Sept 2012

Here he is helping his new dad with the dock during a day of canoeing!

Ozzy was rehomed 19 Nov 2012

Here he is in his new home the same day he was collected after a nice long walk.

Bea was rehomed in Nov 2012

Here she is with her new dad going though her training.

Barney was rehomed 19 Jan 2013

Here is Barney in his new home on his favourite spot!

Humphrey was rehomed - 15 Jan 2013

Here is Humphrey the Belgian Shepherd with his new owner Liz on a visit to see us!Humphrey needed an urgent operation on an infected ear, and we could not have done it without the kind support and donations of the many people who read his story and fell in love him!

Lola was rehomed - 27 Dec 2012

Here is 'loopy' Lola in her new home with her Christmas presents!

Domino was rehomed - 23 Aoril 2013

Here is Domino with his new best friend.

Roxy was rehomed in May 2013

Here is Roxy in her new home, She has settled in really well and here she is enjoying the sunshine!


Milo, a husky cross, in his new home with his new best friend Paisley.


Billy the labrador cross, after winning 'The best junior dog handler'

Mia was rehomed in 2013

Here is Mia relaxing in her new home. (Above is her son Billy in his new home)

Millie (the Staffie) was rehomed in 2013

Here is Millie With her new mum Sally at a local dog show with her two canine friends.

Bailey was rehomed in Mach 2011

Here he is enjoying a woodland walk!

Smudge was rehomed in 2013

Here he is with his new mum, who he helps when shes working with the horses!

Mouse was rehomed in Oct 2013

Mouse the Chihuahua now known as 'Thor' on a walk with his new big sister!

Honey was rehomed in Nov 2013

Honey - the terrier x now known as 'Bonnie' in her new home with her owner Dot!

Heidi was rehomed in Nov 2013

Heidi the Golden -Doodle now known as 'Lola' in her new home looking very relaxed!

Angel was rehomed in Sept 2013

Angel the Akita x enjoying a day at the beach with her new best friend (In the background.)

Charlie was rehomed in Jan 2014

Charlie in his new home!

Bruno and Max

Bruno and Max were rehomed in Sept 2013


Maverick - Now known as Rupert Dog Star in his new home!

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